Catherine with Mystic Mystery

Catherine with Mystic Mystery in Blues painting

Catherine Carilli is an artist based in Boulder, Colorado. Her work is exhibited and sells throughout Colorado, nationally within the U.S., and internationally. She invites you to explore her artwork on this site. Welcome!

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To soar is to fly or rise high in the air. Art is a type of mental soaring. This show presents new paintings, older work, and an installation of paper mâché birds. Art is an opportunity for our spirits to soar. I decided to make birds along with the abstract paintings because I have been watching birds a lot lately. Especially a pair of House Finches who nested and had babies, above my back door this summer. Thinking about the birds this summer, made me see the similarity between launching into flight, and making artworks. The birds take a leap of faith, whether out of a nest, or off a crag to fly. I am an abstract, intuitive artist. I trust in the process to soar into a creative realm making a product with an unknown ending that will carry others along. The paintings here are like wings unfolding, combined with artistic skills, and materials, to leave a visual record, a hint of story, and mark making.  I place my trust in this journey, as the birds trust the wind that lifts them on their path.