Catherine with Mystic Mystery

Catherine with Mystic Mystery in Blues painting

I am an artist  who lives in Boulder, Colorado.  I grew up on the East coast, spending my years in cities, in the suburban countryside, or on the ocean.  Travel is also a huge part of my life.  The range of art that I make reflects the visual and conceptual variety I experience by traveling and living in many diverse places.  My artwork springs from a mix of many influences.  It has the surprise of driving from a rolling green forest, or sunny foothills,  into a dense busy city, within an hour. I have recently have fallen in love with the splendor of Northern New Mexico, and  spend much of my time in Taos, New Mexico. The light, beauty and colors of Taos are reflected in my new work.

Abstract painting is a big part of my artwork and career.  My abstract paintings are realms of discovery and process, color, line and movement.  The paintings explore past and present memory, and place, with process painting.  I like to create large abstractions that become environments of color, and often of emotion.

I frequently return to drawing as practice, and because I love to capture what I see on paper.  There is a magical change in the translation. I enjoy applying symbol in art. I often mix my drawings with loose painting  and mark making.

I do not believe an artist has to stay within one style.  It’s important for me to grow and challenge myself by using new ideas and materials.  The concept behind the artwork defines what media I use.  As does the mood of the piece.  Sometimes a discovery of different art materials, or an interesting found object inspires an artwork!

I admire the painter, Gerhardt Richter, who moves beautifully from abstraction to realism throughout his illustrious career.

I also give applause to the Grace Hartigan’s work.  Her large abstract paintings eliminate all reference to objects.  They live through rich color and marks swimming together on canvas.

My works on paper owe much to the artist Wassily Kandinsky.  His playful abstractions make me smile!  His style is light, with fine lines dancing in washes of color.

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s paintings inspire me to tell personal stories.  His abstractions are raw, emotional.  They are bold, rich, testimonies about his life told in symbols, graffiti.

Where would the world be without art?   It is the anchor for all of us in the turbulent, beautiful world we live in.

Catherine V Carilli


Galleria Spazio 30, Ortigia, Sicily

The Kirkland Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver CO

The Circle Gallery, Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis MD

The Bowery Gallery, NY, NY

The Overture Center, Madison Wisconsin

Fort Collins CO Museum of Contemporary Art

Beloit College Art Museum, Beloit WI

University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie WY

A complete list of exhibitions and my employment history is on my resume,  provided upon request.


Kirkland Museum of Decorative and Fine Art, Denver Colorado

40W Arts District, Lakewood, Colorado

The Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, Maryland

NEXT Gallery, Denver, Colorado

Magpie Gallery, Paseo del Pueblo, (Taos) New Mexico

The Colorado Chapter of the WCA

Red Canyon Art Gallery, Lyons, Colorado

I pursued graduate school in Fine Art, at UW Madison.  At the time, my theme was Abstract Art.  The artwork you see on my website reaches into many kinds of art forms.

I welcome all types of commission requests.  I will work on a painting with your specific needs in mind.  I also illustrate poetry and books.   Please take a look at the e-commerce page on this site.  for a variety of artwork available via PayPal.

Frolicking, Happy Being, solar etching, 2017

Frolicking, Happy Being, solar etching, 2017